Jill Mays: North Truro, Stand-Out to Support Student Walk-Out

Before moving to Truro full time, I lived in CT, about 20 miles from Sandy Hook.  I had colleagues intimately involved with the massacre. The day it occurred, I drove to Stamford hearing the growing body count on the radio and the speculation that a gunman was still at large.  When I arrived at the preschool I worked with (forty miles from Sandy Hook), they were in lock-down.  It was a beautiful sunny December day, but the children huddled inside. Eric and I marched that whole winter. (Yes, he wore a green polka-dotted scarf every day until the gun safety laws passed).
It’s time to put my activist cap on again. I am inviting you to our home, 13 Priest Road, 9:30AM for a cup of coffee/tea on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. I’m making heart shaped signs with the name of each school that has endured a slaughter.  We are 3 minutes from Atlantic Spice and the North Truro Green.  We’ll head to the green at 9:45AM 
If you can join us at 13 Priest Road for coffee first, please let me know so I’ll have ample refreshments (jill.mays@gmail.com or 203-470-3461). If not, I hope to see you on the North Truro Green from 10:00-10:17AM.

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