Meeting Minutes: February 25, 2018

IOC Discussion February 25, 2018

St. Mary on the Harbor, Provincetown
Meeting Minutes


March 10 – 10:30-4:00 p.m. The Year Rounder Festival, Provincetown: IOC has a table reserved at Town Hall and needs help staffing it. We are looking for anyone who can hand out materials and sign up new members in one hour shifts. All materials will be provided. If you are interested in helping IOC grow please contact one of the leadership members (,,,,

March 14 – 10:00 a.m. A 17-minute student walk out is planned by many Cape high schools to honor those killed in Parkland. So far, the schools participating are: Nauset, CC Lighthouse Charter, Sturgis (East and West), Mashpee, Falmouth, Nantucket. Check this link for more info: Because of security reasons, the public is not invited to attend the student walk-out at Nauset but we are working with them to organize co-occuring alternate rallying points. Please stay alert to our FB and email announcements on this!

March 18 – 5 – 6:30 p.m. IOC Discussion and Potluck at St. Mary’s on the Harbor in Ptown.

March 24 – 11:00 a.m. March for Our Lives Hyannis has been organized by the newly formed Cape Cod Student Board. Check this link for more info: We will keep you posted for plans for the Boston and DC marches and hope to support local students at these as well.


Laurie V. is collecting signatures for those running for office (Warren and Cyr). ONLY SIGN ONCE; ONLY SIGN the petition for your town! Mistakes invalidate the petition.

Laurie V. reported that around 150 postcards to voters in PA were written by IOC members at our last meeting. These were in response to a call for help from activists there to alert Democratic voters that a special election in March was happening and to vote for Conor Lamb (D). These are the kinds of actions Indivisible National is supporting to help flip Congress!

We also wrote around 25 postcards to our state legislators about issues like the Safe Communites Act, Child Bride legislation, and clean water legislation.

Keating has a Democratic challenger for the 9th District congressional seat: Barnstable businessman and former environmental chemist, William Cimbrello. Check him out since he may be a more progressive choice.

This year there are several Democratic challengers for Cape Cod State Representative seats. These are currently held by Republicans. This could be an important focus/activity for us.

Lydia V. spoke of a Democratic Council Fellowship Program sponsored by the Cape & Islands Democratic Council (CIDC). They are looking for ‘fellows’ who want to get involved in progressive politics and learn how elections work and how to get involved in campaigns. It starts on March 4 and an application can be found here:

Laurie V. has signed up for this and hopes to use and engage IOC members to help with elections locally. Several IOC members present have volunteered to assist.

Melissa Y. reported that Tracy K.A. wants to get a bus to go to states where voters can ‘flip’ seats.

Brian O: Progressives, resistance activists need a place to meet and to discuss, but felt it is also important to have a set agenda with goals and to work toward a set outcome.

Melissa Y. – The Immigration Committee has defined meetings, a note taker, and specific jobs assigned to people at the meeting which are then done between meetings. This has worked well. It has created accountability; and the specific tasks are doable; they don’t overwhelm individuals but do chip away at problems/ make progress.

Nancy Y. – Finds the 7 adjunct members of the Immigration Committee helpful. These members can be called upon as needed for extra help.

Allison D. – Explained that the Safe Communities Act is changing as the State considers legislation so it is not clear if it will be worth supporting. Wellfleet, Dennis and other towns have become Safe Communities; others are petitioning to take that status. Provincetown did not become a Sanctuary Community but the town had a Proclamation [of support?] and the police chief wrote a letter saying there was no intention to cooperate with ICE.

There were questions about the difference between being a Safe Community vs a Sanctuary City. It may be a matter of semantics just to avoid losing federal funding, but Allison has been told there is no difference.

We discussed if this issue should be on the town warrant in Ptown and in Truro. If so, the time is now. The deadline for signatures to place on the warrant for Town Meeting is March 2 in Ptown and March 13 in Truro. The IOC Immigration committee will work on petitions for Warrants in both Ptown & Truro in the coming days.

Louise S. – The discussion taking place through the Racial Justice group (at the UU) has become ‘emotional’with the fear of putting people at risk, etc.

Shira K. – Is concerned that those who are at risk don’t, by virtue of the problem, have a voice in the matter. This is a complicated topic in a community with as many immigration varieties as we have.

Catherine R. – It is time to be bold. People have been putting themselves on the line. We need a system in place to help: what we would do, what we could offer, how we can make it work.

Allison D. – Mark Gabriele of the CC Coalition for Safe Communities (see their FB page) has offered help in writing the petitions needed to get on town warrants. He has ties with Boston and the State.   It was also noted that ACLU attorneys, Cape & Islands Community Action & attorney Collin Mickle are available to help if immigration problems arise.

Carol W. – Also mentioned David Gardner and perhaps Julia Perry could help draft petitions. For future reference, there are meetings on how to draft a warrant but we are too late for those.


Indivisible Lower Cape offers forums. Their group is built on a hierarchical, committee structure This model works well for them. We are in touch frequently, assisting each other through announcements and support.

At the state level, Indivisible MA has held two conferences (that is where District 9 got its start).

Indivisible headquarters has a New England Rep: Marguerite Suozzo-Gole. Indivisible headquarters has resources on their website for those working on Voter issues –a major focus as we approach 2018 & 2020. Please check it out. They have also set up a 501(C)4 umbrella if we choose to fundraise through them.

Racial Justice at the UU, meets 3rd Wed of each month 5PM – 7PM. They have been holding monthly vigils ever since ‘Ferguson, MO’

Social Action Committee is showing films/documentaries on Social Action during February/March at the Ptown Public Library on Sundays at 2.





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