2020 and Beyond!

With just days until the most consequential election of our time, Indivisibles and all patriotic Americans are deeply concerned about the fate of our nation if we cannot protect the vote and protect the results.

Across this nation the grassroots organizations have done an amazing job of mobilizing and getting out the vote and now if we are to succeed in the face of unprecedented levels of blatant voter suppression and intimidation, we must take it up another notch.

We must protect the polls in battleground states and protect the results everywhere!



Please visit our Urgent Actions and Events page for more information on our effort.

We at Indivisible Outer Cape believe that Black Lives Matter and strive for racial and social justice as one of our core values.

Activism To Go!

Our Activism To Go effort is now done! Since January 2020 we completed over twenty thousand postcards to GOTV and seven thousand letters to voters! Thanks to you!
Indivisible Outer Cape is now focused on phone and text banking  to make more direct voter contact and bring on the biggest Democratic landslide in history!
By standing INDIVISIBLE, we can fight trumpism and other viruses! Check out our Urgent Actions and Events page for more!

Our victory in the US House of Representatives in 2018 would not have happened without you, without Indivisible! And we would not have learned about the president’s many high crimes and misdemeanors if it weren’t for this victory!
Now we are engaging in the most important election year yet!
Learn more about our 2020 Vision plans to flip the Senate, keep the House and advocate for progressive policy to defeat Trump! See our plan in Urgent Actions and Events!

In 2018 we reached our first goal and flipped the House of Representatives! Indivisible rolled out the 2.0 Guide with the main focus on pressuring the new House of Representatives (our House of Representatives!) to adopt progressive legislation that reflects our values and to conduct proper oversight of the administration’s flagrant abuses of power. Its second focus is on state legislatures and collaborating with other Indivisibles across the state to have a greater impact. Remember, the Republicans have used their control of the state legislatures and governorships to wrest control out of the hands of voters. We have been working extra hard to get it back and to also protect ourselves from the harmful legislation coming out of Washington. You can check out the new guides here.

To be successful in this election year battle, Indivisible groups in Massachusetts are leading the way! Indivisible MASS Coalition, the umbrella organization for all groups in MA, has a new, improved structure and bylaws to help us collaborate on state and national election issues and actions in 2020.  The new Indivisible MASS Coalition, Inc. is grassroots-driven and a representative umbrella organization that exists to support the needs of local groups.

If you consider yourself a part of this movement, either with Indivisible Outer Cape or with another group, please confirm your membership here and then you will be able to vote and participate in future  collaborations!

Our Mission:

In order to preserve our democracy, Indivisible Outer Cape (IOC) supports and empowers people who live on the Outer Cape and facilitates their political engagement.

Our Vision

Indivisible Outer Cape is a non-partisan local entity, affiliated with the nationwide Indivisible network. Our members are a diverse group of citizens and U.S. residents who want fairness, decency and equality to dominate our country’s discourse and policies. Our goals concern protecting DEMOCRACY, EQUALITY for all, our HEALTH, and our ENVIRONMENT. We believe our participation in activism and the political process are key to achieving these goals. We will support our representatives when they stand for these ideals and hold them accountable when they do not. Some of us are first-time activists and others have been at the forefront of civic action for decades. We learn from and support each other.

We Take Action

Since inauguration day in 2017, Indivisible groups have been showing up en masse to congressional offices, organizing events and flooding the congressional phone lines. We are resisting ‘Trumpism’ because of the threat it poses to our democracy – and resistance is working. We take action by calling our Members of Congress (MoCs) and other elected officials regularly, participating in rallies and marches, initiating postcard-writing events, providing educational resources, and much more. Since our victories in the 2018 midterm elections, we focused on pressuring our new House of Representatives to introduce new and progressive legislation that reflects our values. They delivered! Despite the fact that no legislation can be enacted without the Senate and the President’s approval, Indivisible feels that this is the best way to ensure a platform for the 2020 election. Additionally, it is vitally important that Indivisible groups across the country work on strengthening progressive state legislatures. This website will provide you with information and resources to support you as you join us in these efforts.

Check our pages regularly for updates on important legislation and key issues, and for suggested actions you can take.

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