Write a Letter

How to Write a Letter to a Member of Congress (MOC):

• First of all, use the correct title when addressing the letter. Senators and members of the House of Representatives are referred to as The Honorable (i.e. The Honorable Elizabeth Warren).

• Keep the letter as short as possible, definitely no more than one page.

• Start by identifying yourself; where you live and the credentials or experience you have that inform your speaking on this issue, if you have any. Mention that you are a constituent if you are.

• Next include details of what you want the MOC to do and why. Address what you are concerned will happen if the proposed action doesn’t occur. Do enough research so you sound knowledgeable about the issue.

• Finish your writing with proposed solutions to the problem, if you have any in mind.

• Be sure to close with a Thank You.

• Letters should only be sent concerning issues that are not time sensitive. They take much longer than calls to get to the MOC and be processed. If something is urgent, call instead!

• Letters can go to either the district office or the Washington office, but there may be protocols in place in Washington that will delay the receipt of the letter even further.

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