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Last summer we knew everything depended on passing S1 For the People Act/Freedom to Vote Act even if it meant eliminating the filibuster!

We knew that if we did not pass these before the end of the summer, it would be too late to save our democracy from the 380+ voter suppression bills being enacted across the country and the gerrymandering happening due to redistricting. It did not pass so the mid-term election will be affected.

Our Senate was already broken, so no legislation could pass so long as the filibuster allowed a minority to dictate whether bills can be debated and voted upon. No Women’s Health Protection Act. No Voting Rights Acts. No Police Reform. No Medicare for All. No Equality Act. No DC Statehood. No ERA.

Make no mistake about it. Legislation that is hugely popular and has the support of the majority of Americans cannot even get a debate on the floor because a minority says so.

Eliminating the filibuster is imperative if we are to change this. In order to do this it is now clear we need a larger Senate majority. We need to keep vulnerable Senate seats and flip other seats in order to neutralize the efforts of Senators Manchin and Sinema.

Everything we do between now and November matters. If you care about LGBTQ rights, if you’ve marched for reproductive rights, or if you’ve wept after every school shooting, you must direct your energy to registering and getting voters to the polls in key swing states.

Remember, the majority of Americans support LGBTQ, abortion rights, and sensible gun control measures. The only way we can make sure our legislators reflect our wishes now is to vote in numbers big enough to thwart the gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts of the MAGA extremists.

Indivisible Outer Cape still plans to use its position as a tourist destination to reach and inform people from all over the country to raise awareness. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch!


Our 2021 Vision and Priorities

In the first year of Indivisible Outer Cape, we solidified our vision of protecting democracy, equality, our health, and our environment. Our mission to empower the people of the Outer Cape and to facilitate their political engagement in order to preserve democracy is strong and ongoing. We have learned much and grown many ordinary citizens into activists, but we cannot go back to our quiet, comfy lives yet; there’s still much work to be done.

If we’ve learned nothing else over these past four years, we know now that democracy is hard work under normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances. We are only counting our successes now because of our steadfast commitment to pulling democracy back from the brink and to working to make sure the voices of the people are heeded. We aren’t in the clear yet, but we have something they don’t: a vision.

The new Indivisible Guide describes how we are in a unique situation right now with a democratic trifecta that we do not want to squander. We must repair the damage done to our democratic structure and institutions and we must do so quickly without allowing Republicans to delay with dirty tactics or false pleas for unity. We know now that they are perfectly comfortable with over-turning democracy by any means, and we must not let that happen.

How we do that is not mystical magic. There’s no special talent. It’s the simple power of the vote and constituent power. Getting our Members of Congress to notice, contacting them frequently, is the best way to affect change! Indivisible Outer Cape can help everyone do that! 

Whether it’s on the State or National level, finding out more and contacting your legislators is the best way to affect change. These are the issues and bills we have been studying and following since January. We think you will agree that there is a lot to work on!

Making structural fixes to democracy is the most urgent concern at the national level. The damage done by the Trump administration and McConnell’s party has crippled America and if we cannot fix it now, we may not have another chance.
You can find out more about our National priorities at For the People and you can take a meaningful action by clicking on each below:
Ending Filibuster
Court Reforms

We are following the filings and progress of many MA bills. Now is the time when legislators sign up as cosponsors. With the exception of the climate bill which has already been sent to the Governor, we are asking for our Representative and Senator to cosponsor and support progressive legislation. These are some of the bills we are backing:

Climate Road Map (S9): This bill has passed both MA House and Senate two times and Gov. Baker has vetoed and returned with amendments to weaken it. Contact Gov Baker to tell him you want it enacted as written!
(HD1165/SD532) An Act to Protect the Civil Rights and Safety of All MA Residents – This would protect undocumented immigrants from losing their due process rights – find out more HERE. (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD2656/SD546) An Act Establishing Medicare for All in MA
(HD1536/SD1002) An Act Fostering Voter Opportunities, Trust, Equity and Security – The VOTES Act – This would continue the improvements to voting MA enacted due to Covid-19. (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD460/SD167) Resolution for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment and a Limited Amendment Proposing Convention – This is the We the People Act which would end the Citizens United ruling (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD1960/SD1307) And Act Providing Affordable and Accessible High Quality Early Education and Care to Promote Child Development and Well-Being and Support the Economy in the Commonwealth – This is referred to as Common Start; find out more HERE. (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD2356/SD1595) An Act to Improve Access to Emergency Contraception – Find out more HERE. (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD2246/SD1431) An Act Require Public Universities to Provide Medication Abortion – Find out more HERE. (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)
(HD3980) An Act Teaching Anti-Racism in MA Schools (Rep Peake is a cosponsor)

Please watch for calls to action to support these bills as they move through the legislative process!

Copy of IOC Vision

In January of 2020 the small Action Team of Indivisible Outer Cape met to discuss our strategy for the upcoming year. We knew that democracy was under attack, but could not have predicted all the dangerous twists and turns of this year. Now that we are 100 days away from the election, here is a brief update on our key states and suggestions for how you can still continue to make a difference!

Our first priority is to flip the Senate in order to neutralize the president and to be rid of Mitch McConnell’s power over progressive legislation. Unfortunately, even if McConnell is demoted from Majority Leader, his presence still threatens every progressive bill or oversight. He has vowed to use the filibuster to stop any initiative brought by a Democratic Congress or President. Even if forced to endure a Trump re-election, flipping the Senate could at least stall the president’s harmful agenda and open up the possibility of future impeachment.

When Senate Republicans refused to acquit the president for his high crimes and misdemeanors, Senate targets were confirmed. Combined with analysis of other factors,  we chose to focus on the four key states of CO, FL, GA, and ME, with KY, PA, MI, and WI also in play. All of our “Do Something Sundays!” and “Activism To Go!” activities have focused on getting out the vote in these states.

We are now on track for completing twenty thousand postcards and letters before the summer is out and many people are looking for more ways to participate.  This lengthy resource guide gives a brief update on our 2020 Vision Key States, as well as some info at home, and suggestions for ways individuals might become more involved!

You can read the entire Resource Guide HERE!

Please note: The Resource Guide is intended as a resource for individuals interested in volunteering or contributing to important races across the country. It is a compilation of widely available information put together for ease of use for our members or other interested individuals. We wish to promote our values of protecting our health, our world, and fighting for democracy and equality for all  so it is not intended as an endorsement of any campaign by Indivisible Outer Cape. We hope you find it useful.

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