Urgent Actions and Events

The ROE Act

Did you know that in 1974, in reaction to Roe v. Wade, conservative Massachusetts enacted a package of anti-abortion restrictions? These harmful laws are still on our books, making MA the most restrictive New England state. The ROE Act, currently in the MA legislature, would bring our laws into the 21st century by changing inflammatory and inaccurate legal definitions about pregnancy and abortion, and ensuring that a person’s right to make all decisions about their own health care is part of our MA laws.

The ROE Act would:

  • Make abortion accessible  regardless of age, financial or legal status
  • Remove unnecessary barriers to abortion
  • Replace inflammatory language with real medical terms
  • Allow abortion after 24 weeks where the fetus has no chance of survival

Indivisible Outer Cape has organized with many other groups across the state to send messages to fellow MA residents informing them of this very important bill and asking them to contact their state legislators to support it. We are starting with Cape Cod and have thousands of postcards to write in order to counteract the dangerous and false rhetoric that has been spreading here and across the state.

August will be a month of action so that legislators will return to their offices in September to inboxes full of messages from their voters supporting the ROE Act.

Indivisible Outer Cape has already scheduled four small postcarding sessions so please join us! Please bring a sheet of postcard stamps or a small donation to help us with costs.

Wednesdays, August 7th and 14th from 7-8 PM in Eastham (for details contact: Tricia at triciaetal57@yahoo.com)
Saturdays, August 10th and 17th from 3-4 PM in Truro (for details contact: Laurie at veninger@aol.com)

There will be other postcarding events happening across the Cape as this is a joint effort including Cape Cod Women for Change, Lower Cape Indivisible, Indivisible Martha’s Vineyard and Indivisible Nantucket. Stay tuned for more information on these.

For more information on the ROE Act please visit Cape Cod Women for Change or Planned Parenthood.

Do You Support An Impeachment Inquiry?

For many, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of two Congressional Committees, provide more evidence of the president’s guilt. He explicitly did not exonerate the president of crimes and has left the next step up to Congress. So far, Congress has been unable to flex enough muscle to even get witnesses to testify or to see the total Mueller report. An impeachment inquiry would give them more powers to do the duty they are sworn to do. We all know that the Senate as it stands now will never take up an impeachment vote. Many have mixed feelings about whether impeachment would backfire on the Democrats or the next election. An inquiry into impeachment might reveal more details to sway public opinion, and perhaps even a few Republicans, and is the right thing to do.

If you agree, please consider “signing on” to the following letter to our Representative, Bill Keating, asking that he support an impeachment inquiry. This letter and a list of constituents who agree will be hand-delivered to his Hyannis office.

UPDATE: This letter and a list of 68 ‘signatories’ (collected in just 24 hours!) was delivered on July 26, 2019. If you would like to be included in the next letter, please let us know!

July 26, 2019

The Honorable William R. Keating

259 Stevens Street

Suite E

Hyannis, MA 02601

Dear Congressman Keating,

On July 24, 2019, in front of two Congressional Committees, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller reiterated that he did not exonerate the president of criminal activity, making it clear that even though he did not indict the president, he expects Congress to do something. It is the job of Congress to follow up on the findings of the report and if Congress continues to shirk this most solemn responsibility it will jeopardize everything our Constitution stands for.

The president’s crimes and misdemeanors are well-known and too numerous to mention here, but even two and half years after his election, he continues to obstruct justice by thwarting and ignoring Congress’ attempts to investigate his actions. In more than twenty investigations, he has attempted to block requests for testimony and documents that could shed light onto his corruption and cruelty. This outright disregard for the checks and balances that define our government needs to be stopped and it needs brave Democrats in Congress to do so.

An impeachment inquiry is the answer. By launching an impeachment inquiry into whether the president has violated his oath of office, House Democrats would be able to make clear to the courts that they have a “legitimate legislative purpose” and would have greater access to materials and testimony currently being blocked by the administration. This could bring even more damning information to light, increasing the chance of successful impeachment later; but even without the support of Republicans or the Senate, it is the right thing to do. There is a moral imperative to do so and refusing to do so sets a dangerous precedent and example for the world and for future generations.

The president is an out-of-control, dangerous man, and he is using the power of the White House to harm us all and to dismantle our democracy. The old rules and norms have been tossed aside and to stand up to his abuses, Democrats have to be bold. There is one tool left in the Constitution to do that.

The constituents in your district want to see you be bold. The time to follow the leader is gone; it has got us nowhere. There is no smooth road ahead so at least take the high road and do the right thing. Support beginning an inquiry into impeachment immediately.

Your Constituents

You can reply “YES, SIGN [MY NAME]” to veninger@aol.com


Upcoming IOC Events

Please continue to check back! These will be updated regularly!



We are pleased to announce six fund raising parties to help Indivisible Kentucky to #DitchMitch2020. All monies raised will be heading to folks on the ground in Kentucky to build capacity and to spread the word that Mitch is bad for Kentucky – and bad for the country!

McConnell himself has bragged that he is the ‘grim reaper of progressive legislation’ and many hold him personally responsible for the degradation of our democracy. Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible, spoke recently about the serious danger McConnell poses to representative democracy. Even if we win all three branches of government in 2020, if McConnell is still there, he will block every progressive bill via filibuster. You can read more about the strategy to #DitchMitch2020 in the blog section of our website.

We will not forget his blocking of Obama appointees to SCOTUS and “Our House” of Representatives has already passed more than 40 progressive bills which are now stalled because McConnell will not allow them to come for a vote. These bills are all teed up and ready for 2021, but we need to put Mitch out to pasture in order for them to passed!

So check out our schedule of parties and help us to #DitchMitch2020!

Indivisible Outer Cape, Lower Cape Indivisible, Martha’s Vineyard Indivisible, and Indivisible Nantucket have joined forces for a series of fun summer fundraisers. More details, rsvp and donation links to come! But mark your calendars now!

Brewster, June 27, 5-7PM – raised $4000!

Eastham, July 10, 6-8PM – raised $2000!

Truro, August 4, 11AM-1PMRSVP NOW! Places are filling up!

Nantucket, August 14, 5-7PM – details coming soon!

Martha’s Vineyard, September 21, 4-6PM – details coming soon!

Alternatively, you can go to indivisibleky.org to just make a donation!

HELP NEEDED! If you would like to make a donation of food/beverages/paper goods or of your time to help these events be successful, please send an email to veninger@aol.com to let us know!



Indivisible Outer Cape collaborated with the other Cape Cod and Islands Indivisible groups as well as with other allied organizations to join the nation-wide Lights for Liberty rallies and vigils held on July 12. We counted over 1500 participants in towns from one end of the Cape to the other who came out in rain and shine to protest the administration’s cruelty and violations of human rights.

Indivisible and other allied organizations are planning for a similar event in September. Please stay tuned for information.

In the mean time, Congress will soon be discussing the budget appropriations and this may be a pivotal time for us to make difference. During this process, Congress can cut the funding for ICE and CBP, but they will only do so if we make it clear that we want the terrorizing of immigrants and the human rights abuses to stop! The best way to do this is to call your members of congress frequently between now and September.

MA Senator Warren 202-224-4543

MA Senator Markey 202-224-2742

MA CD-9 Rep. Keating 202-225-3111

It only takes a few minutes if you use this script:

Hi, my name is [name] and I am from [place]. I am calling to ask that [MoC] defunds hatred in this year’s budget by cutting funding for ICE and CBP in the Dept of Homeland Security appropriations bill and by getting rid of the slush fund in that bill that would allow ICE to continue terrorizing immigrant communities. Thank you.

Other Summer Actions

Letters to voters

Indivisible Outer Cape is coordinating with Outer Cape libraries to hold non-partisan letter writing sessions throughout the summer to unregistered voters in other states. With the help of the Vote Forward organization, we can get the names and addresses of the unregistered and encourage them to get registered in time for elections!

At these letter writing sessions you will be provided with everything you need: scripts, addresses, envelopes! Donations to cover the costs of printing and postage will be greatly appreciated!

Letter writing will take place at the following:

Wellfleet Library: AUGUST 19, 3:30-5 PM and SEPTEMBER 16, 2:30-4 PM

Ptown Library: AUGUST 8, 2-4 PM and SEPTEMBER 5, 2-4 PM

If you would like to volunteer to help during these sessions or to rsvp, please email laura.gazzano@yahoo.com

Farmers’ Markets

Last summer, Indivisible Outer Cape had a regular table at the Truro Farmers’ Market to help with voter registration. This year, we have been tabling there again, but with information on the issues of healthcare and the climate. We have prepared hand out material and postcards to legislators for the public to complete.

We are also hoping to expand to other Cape farmers’ markets to reach more people. We will be tabling at the Bass River market in July and August. We think it will be very helpful to reach mid-Cape voters in order for them to contact their state representatives who oppose climate bills currently in the state legislature. This is part of a longer-term strategy to help flip the seats of Cape Cod legislators.

We need volunteers to sit at these tables and to hand out information! If you can help with this endeavor, please email laura.gazzano@yahoo.com
















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