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Remember, it takes many small drops of water to create a wave!


 Postcards to Cape Cod Voters was a huge success!

Indivisible Outer Cape joined with Cape Cod Women for Change, Lower Cape Indivisible, Martha’s Vineyard Indivisible held two Postcards to Voters events at Cape Space, 100 Independence Drive, Hyannis.  In total, we completed over 1200 postcards!! Thanks to everyone who participated!

This popular and amazingly effective way of motivating voters is fun and has a big impact. If you would like to participate in a similar event, there is one happening this weekend in Wellfleet. See this notice we have received:

For those who haven’t heard, voteforward.org is a website where you can “adopt” voters from other districts and send handwritten letters urging infrequent, registered voters to get to the polls. I have gone on and adopted 100 voters (Max) — if any of you are able to, check out the site https://votefwd.org/ and see if you can adopt any more. We’re planning a gathering at the Wellfleet library this Saturday, October 20th 2-4pm. You don’t have to attend to write letters, and if you can’t go online I will have some extras there you can “adopt”. The strategy of handwritten notes has been shown to be effective in getting out the vote. Thank you!

Here are other ways each of us can contribute:

*Canvass Opportunities for Nearby Competitive US House Races*

How about hitting the streets to make a real difference at flipping the House of Representatives? We’ve compiled a list of all the opportunities to canvass in nearby states where progressive candidates are running in real competitive races. Please let us know if you would like this list. You can also check out Swing Left’s “Trip to Flip” website here. We may have lost a few battles but we can win the war if we can put more boots on the ground! If you are able, why not join other Indivisibles and resistance groups to help in these very important races: ME-2, NH-1, NH-2, NY-19, NY-22.

*GOTV Locally! Canvass or Phone bank on Cape Cod*

Voter registration efforts have been in full swing for many months now and all of the information we have is pointing to record numbers of possible voters on November 6. This week we learned that on one day, National Voter Registration Day on September 25, 800,000 new voters were registered! Since June, there were over 100 new voters registered in Provincetown and Truro! Other Cape Cod towns are also reporting higher than usual numbers! The last day to register voters in MA is October 17 and IOC will still be reaching out to those who still may be unregistered.

The next challenge we face is making sure as many voters as possible are motivated to actually cast their vote! In order to counteract the dirty politics of voter suppression and gerrymandering, our blue wave needs to overwhelm them at the polls. We need every vote. Early voting in MA starts October 22. You may find out more information on early voting here: www.MassEarlyVote.com 

Experts tell us that the single most effective way of motivating people to vote is voter-to-voter contact. This means canvassing for a candidate or phone banking for a candidate or an issue. Indivisible National makes it possible for us to do this; click here to sign up and/or watch a video about Hubdialer. If you are unsure about using Hubdialer, let one of IOC’s phone bank mentors help!

If you would like to canvas or call locally, contact the following campaigns:

We are also deeply concerned about local Cape Cod races and have developed scorecards for three Barnstable county races as well as the Barnstable County Commissioner race. If you would like to help put Democrats in these seats and/or to neutralize Ron Beaty on the BCC by distributing these to local voters, please let us know! Or you can contact these campaigns to find out how to help:


We’ve Lost this Battle: We Can Still Win the War

Updated 10/5/18

We’re sorry to have to write this right now. Senator Susan Collins announced this afternoon that she will vote yes on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That means Trump and the Republicans have the votes they need to confirm him when they vote tomorrow.

They don’t believe women. They don’t believe facts. They only believe in power, and in keeping as much power as possible for themselves. This is what we’re up against.

In Mitch McConnell’s words, Republicans intend to “plow through.” They’re putting their relentless pursuit of a Supreme Court controlled radical right-wingers ahead of the brave women who’ve spoken out against Kavanaugh and the mountain of evidence that proves he’s unfit to serve on the highest court in the land.

Kavanaugh clearly lied under oath. His lack of judicial temperament and sharp partisanship show us he isn’t fit to serve on the Supreme Court. The sham FBI investigation that the public can’t view was rushed and left out witnesses that could have further corroborated allegations against him. But Trump’s Republican Party doesn’t care. They continue to do everything they can to entrench their power at the expense of our democracy.

We’re devastated, we’re furious, and we’re going to do something about it. Republicans could “plow through” because they hold all the power in Congress. That’s why it’s more important than ever before that we take it back in November: we must flip more than 20 seats in the House and at least two deep red Senate seats. If we take the House, we can provide a check on Trump’s executive power. If we take the Senate, we can stop a nomination like Kavanaugh’s from happening again.

You can do two things to channel your outrage and fight back right now.

  1. Sign up to volunteer to help get out the vote ahead of the midterms. We have phonebanks and textbanks each and every day for the next 32 days. If each of us signs up for just one shift, we can have a massive impact on this election. Nothing is more effective than engaged voters talking to other potential voters. This is your power.
  2. If you can, support our daily phonebanks with a contribution. It costs just a few cents per minute to make calls, but we’re making tens of thousands of calls each week, and that adds up. As always, if it’s a choice for you between donating to Indivisible and phonebanking this week — please sign up for a phonebank first.

In moments like these, it’s easy to give up hope — but we can’t let that happen today. We must channel our outrage into action, and prevent this injustice from ever happening again.

We believe survivors. We will hold the people who did this accountable – today, tomorrow, and at the ballot box on November 6th.


UPDATED 10/4/18

This morning, senators read the FBI “investigation” into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. One by one, they read a singular copy of the report in the basement of the Capitol.

Committee leadership, committee members, and then the rest of the Senate were all given just an hour each with the document, shielding the public from knowing its contents.

Here’s what we can tell you about how this unfolded:

  • The White House provided a narrow witness list of who the FBI could interview.
  • The scope of questions the FBI could ask interviewees limited their ability to determine whether Kavanaugh made false statements under oath.
  • Ultimately, this wasn’t an investigation. It was a sham investigation intended to provide cover for Republicans intent on capturing the Supreme Court, led by the White House.

What Can We Do?

If you aren’t already angry, now’s the time; If your anger is at full boil, it’s time to do something with it!

We’ve known for some time now that we need 23 House of Representative seats to take control of the House and most agree that it is definitely within reach. Now, more than ever, we must also take back the Senate if we are to stop any more extremist Supreme Court Nominees or any further erosion of democracy and the rule of law. Democrats need to hold all of their seats and PICK UP TWO MORE SEATS. There are 5 pickup opportunities this year:

  • Defeat Ted Cruz (Texas)
  • Defeat Dean Heller (Nevada)
  • Defeat Cindy Hyde-Smith (Mississippi)
  • Replace retiring Republican Bob Corker (Tennessee)
  • Replace retiring Republican Jeff Flake (Arizona)

Are these tough? Yes. Are they impossible? No—we’ve got a chance. And we just need 2 of them.  If we do the work now – if we phone bank, knock on doors, and send texts to voters—we can retake the Senate and stop confirmations of bad judges for the rest of Trump’s term. We can do more than that – we can put the brakes on the madness that this administration embodies and the regressive Republican party agenda.

We need people power to retake the Senate—not just in November, but NOW.  There are hundreds of Indivisible groups throughout our five target states—Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Tennessee. They’ve been working hard and we need to lend them a hand.

So what can you do from where you live? Indivisible is running a multiple phonebanks for out-of-state volunteers to help flip these seats and retake the House and the Senate. We need you to sign up NOW. The Indivisibles in these states need your help—sign up here to start phonebanking to help retake the Senate.

Flip these seats.

Work in these races.

Put your anger to use.

Join the fight of our lifetime by signing up here.



Groups across the country are ready to mobilize and hit the streets with spontaneous protests should the president try to stop the investigation.  MoveOn.org has registered thousands across the country to do just that. Our nearest rallying points are Ptown, Brewster, and Hyannis. If Trump makes any move to hamper the investigation before 2 p.m., we will rally at 5 p.m. that day. If it happens after 2 p.m., we rally at noon the next day.

Check out Nobody’s Above the Law for details.








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