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Update 6/20/18


As many of you know, we are deeply committed to Indivisible Outer Cape, one of 6000 nation-wide groups formed solely for the defense of our democracy in the wake of the 2016 election. There are only 140 more days until the next election and Indivisibles across the country are focused on making a change in the make-up of the House and the Senate. We may not be able to do anything about the Trump presidency, but we can go a long way to neutralizing many of the harmful things he and those in his party have planned. Not only must we plan effective actions for the coming months, but we must prepare for the longer haul after the election.


It has been a long and sometimes difficult year and a half since the 2016 elections, but Indivisible National has provided much training and many tools so that we can become a more focused and effective group. We have been in touch with Indivisible groups from around the state and the region and have forged working relationships based on our shared goals here in MA and beyond.


At previous meetings, many of you expressed a concern that we not lose momentum over the busy summer. With this in mind, at our next meeting we will be laying out our group’s Goals, and, more importantly, working on Strategies and Tactics to achieving those goals for November and beyond. Doing so will provide a more clear direction for us and help us focus our energy in a more purposeful way. Ideally, this will mean more meaningful actions, large or small, that each of us can perform around our busy lives. So if you’ve been a regular at our pot-lucks, or been lured away by life, or you’re new and have never been to a meeting, please join us for what may become the most important meeting of the summer.


This working meeting will be held at St. Mary’s of the Harbor, 517 Commercial St., Provincetown, on Sunday, June 24 at 5:00 PM and pizza will be served!


Remember, it takes many small drops of water to create a wave!


National Actions & Issues:


Fight to keep families together:

6/20/2018 Update: Trump has signed an executive order that he claims fixes the crisis. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t. See below for more information.


In response to the outrage concerning the family separation policy, the Trump Administration signed an executive order that he claimed would end the family separation crisis at the border. But is it an acceptable solution? NO.

First and foremost, the zero tolerance policy is still in place, meaning that people who cross the border are still being prosecuted. However, the executive order directs the Department of Homeland Security to keep families together while their cases are being processed. That means that our government is now detaining immigrant families. The executive order additionally directs the Department of Defense and other agencies to support DHS in detaining immigrants, meaning that the U.S. government will be creating a massive family immigration detention system.

Under the 1997 Flores Settlement (which has been wrongly cited as the reason for the family separation crisis by Republicans in the past), immigrant children cannot be held in detention indefinitely. This executive order is seeks to skirt around these protections and allow families to be detained indefinitely. It’s cruel and inhuman and not a solution.

Trump created the family separation crisis, and his new executive order is not a solution. And like so many other Trump-created crises, Republicans in Congress are letting it happen. Some may have expressed concerns about the policy, but none have done anything about it. That’s where you come in.


Here are the best ways for you to get involved:

First, stop Republicans from making this situation even worse.  There are multiple efforts by Congressional Republicans to codify Trump’s executive order, from Senator Cruz’s legislation to the Paul Ryan immigration proposal in the House. There will be more attempts by Republicans to use this situation to push radically anti-immigrant bills. It’s on us to make it clear that we will not accept their anti-immigrant agenda and to make sure Democrats stick together.

Second, make sure Democrats are doing more to protect immigrant families. Since every Democrat in the House and Senate has supported the Keep Families Together Act, they can continue to support immigrant families by voting against bills that do not reduce funding for ICE and CBP. These agencies have been terrorizing immigrant communities, ripping parents away from their children, and harassing immigrants and people of color in their workplaces, schools, and in the community. Democrats need to hold these agencies accountable for their behavior, and voting against funding is one way to do that.

Senator Elizabeth Warren | (202) 228-2072
Senator Edward Markey | (202) 224-2742
Representative William Keating | (202) 225-3111

Third, join an event in your community. Members of Congress and this administration need to see that their constituents will not accept this cruel policy. Stand up against the criminalization of asylum seekers and the separation of children and parents at the border by joining one of the nationwide rallies:

Saturday, June 30 from 11:00AM – 1:00PM
for a nation-wide Rolling Rally!
with locations in Provincetown, Truro, & Wellfleet!


Continue the fight for Net Neutrality:

The FCC’s handover of the free and open internet to telecom companies started yesterday, but the fight to maintain net neutrality isn’t over.  Congress can still overrule the FCC, and many members of the House have already signed a discharge petition, which would force a floor vote on this issue.  50 more signers are needed. Look at this list to see if your Rep has signed. Signers of House Discharge Petition.  If not, call and insist that they do.  For more information on this issue: The fight is far from over on Net Neutrality.


Take the Blue Wave Challenge:

Members of Indivisible groups and progressive candidates all around the country have taken the challenge and we can too. The challenge has 3 easy steps! 1) Commit to vote 2) Say what you will do to build the blue wave (be specific!) 3) Let the blue wave wash over you.  People have done this in backyards and on the street, and step three usually involves a bucket of water. But, we live at the beach, so be creative and have fun, while affirming your commitment to work for a blue wave in November…


Local Actions & Issues:


Support Immigrant Rights:

Here, in MA, the Safe Communities Act failed in the legislature this Spring, but the MA Senate has revived key elements of it in a budget amendment which could offer some of the safeguards of the Safe Communities Act and neutralize Sheriff Cummings’ 287g powers.

Only the Senate version of the budget contains Amendment 1147; the House version does not. A Conference Committee is working to reconcile the two versions and we need to focus the pressure on the House Speaker and House Leadership so the final version retains Amendment 1147.

Unfortunately, the Baker Administration has declared open season on immigrants and Governor Baker has said he will veto the bill when it comes to his desk. Now we have learned that he has secretly sent our National Guard to help Trump’s crackdown at the border. We must pressure the House to pass Amendment 1147 and then make our voices heard by Governor Baker!

So, what can we do NOW?

1. CALL Representative Peake at (617) 722-2040: Tell her to urge Speaker DeLeo and the budget Conference Committee to include protections for immigrant families in the final FY2019 state budget. We do not want to help ICE break up families.
2. CALL House Speaker DeLeo at (617) 722-2500: Tell him to urge the budget Conference Committee to include protections for immigrant families in the final FY2019 state budget. MA resources should be used to fight crime, not to assist in federal deportation programs. Tell him to guarantee that people in local custody are informed of their rights. We do not want to help ICE break up families.
3. CALL House Ways and Means Chairman Sanchez at (617) 722-2990: Ask him to fight for basic protections for immigrant families in the final FY2019 budget. Demand that MA resources are used to fight crime instead of in federal deportation programs. Tell him to guarantee that people in local custody are informed of their rights. We do not want to help ICE break up families.
4. CALL Governor Baker at (617) 725-4005: Insist that he sign the budget with Amendment 1147. Tell him you are opposed to using MA resources for federal deportation programs. Demand that all people in local custody are informed of their rights and that those rights are respected. We do not want him to help ICE break up families.
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