Urgent Actions and Events

The August Win-divisible Week of Action will be a TEXT-ATHON Party!

Mark your calendars for August 22!

We had fun at our July Postcarding to Turn PA Blue event and completed over 500 Vote By Mail postcards and many hundreds more Get Out the Vote cards and letters!

For August, we will be joining Indivisible members from all across MA, to text voters using the Resistance Lab texting platform (which is the easiest and quickest platform to learn and use). This virtual event is expected to be a lot of fun with music and guest speakers.

Got to togetherfor2020.org to register for your zoom link and to find special trainings to use Resistance Lab’s texting platform.

The MA Legislative Session has been extended. After an August break, legislators have decided to come back and to work until the end of the year. This means that bills that we care about that have not yet been passed may still have a chance!

Racial Justice and Policing 

Now that the Senate and House have each passed police accountability bills, they must be ‘reconciled’ and a special committee has been formed to do this. The House bill unfortunately, leaves out any changes to qualified immunity for police officers. We want the strongest bill possible sent to Governor Baker.

Of utmost importance is the adoption of Section 10 of the Senate bill so that victims of police abuse can seek redress in the courts. Until victims of police violence and murder are able to bring civil rights claims and hold police directly accountable, there will be no justice. Our nation’s history bears this out. We must end qualified immunity which lets abusive police automatically off the hook without any chance for a court to evaluate whether their actions were warranted or excessive.

Section 10 would also modify the flawed MA Civil Rights Act which currently requires victims to prove officials deprived them of their rights while using “threats, intimidation or coercion.” This effectively means that excessive use of force, unaccompanied by those “threats, intimidation or coercion,” is not a violation, making it okay for silent abusers to continue. This loophole is certainly not the true intent of the law and must be rectified.

It is also very important that the reconciled bill adopt Section 25 of the House bill regarding face surveillance technology. Since there appears to be no dispute about the racial bias of this flawed and dangerous technology, it makes no sense that the final bill would allow for the ban to expire after a year and a half.

Together, these changes would begin to address failures in the law that have allowed police abuses to go unchecked for decades and they would help prevent dangerous expansion of police powers through surveillance of everyday citizens. Massachusetts, as the heart of democracy, should lead the nation in protecting the rights of all citizens.

The Committee considering this consists of: Senator Brownsberger, Senator Chang-Diaz, Senator Tarr, Representative Cronin, Representative Gonzalez, Representative Whelan (Barnstable District 1)

Cape Cod Representatives also need to hear from us: Dist. 4 Sarah Peake, 617-722-2040; Dist 1 Tim Whelan 617-722-2488; Dist 2 Will Crocker 617-722-2014; Dist 3 David Vieira 671-722-2230; Dylan Fernandes 617-722-2430; Senator Cyr 617-722-1570; Senator Moran 617-722-1330

Your Help Is Needed!
The ROE Act
Write Legislators Using this Sample!

Watch and Share our Videos and Listen and Discuss with Friends our Podcasts!

The ROE Act stands for An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access (S1209/H3320) and it would reform our state’s abortion laws, ensuring anyone, regardless of age, income, or insurance status can access safe, legal abortion. This bill would put the right to abortion into our state law at a time when those rights are slipping away elsewhere.

The Supreme Court decision on June Medical v Russo decided against a Louisiana ‘trap’ law requiring completely unnecessary hospital admitting privileges for any doctor performing abortion (even though abortion is safer than tooth extractions and colonoscopies, neither of which require doctors to have admitting privileges). This is not necessarily a victory since the reasoning for the decision was based upon the technicality of precedence. The June Medical v Russo case was nearly identical to a previous Supreme Court case which struck down the state of TX doing the same thing.

We know that this is not the end of abortion cases this Trump/Pence SCOTUS will hear so it is vitally important that MA codify abortion rights now. 

The ROE Act is currently in the MA Joint Committee on the Judiciary and has been granted an extension until November 12. We understand that legislators have been very busy with the health crisis of Covid-19 and the ensuing economic crisis. But with sixteen looming Supreme Court  cases and the Trump/Pence agenda to mollify the Christian base by outlawing all abortion, this cannot wait any longer. We need the Committee to vote favorably on the ROE Act as it is written.

Many of us have advocated for the ROE Act. We have all recognized that the opposition is loud – misinformed, but loud. They are making their feelings heard on Beacon Hill. But although the majority of MA citizens support the ROE Act, and abortion rights in general, they are not as loud and not that engaged. Part of that is because they have a false sense of security. Because “we are liberal Massachusetts” and “vote blue,” they feel no urgency or need to call their legislator.

We need to get loud now, before it’s too late! Committee members who are stuck on the judicial bypass, might be persuaded if they hear from reasonable, compassionate constituents. Legislators who may be on the fence, might be pushed off, but they will only do so if voters make it clear they have their back.

VIEWand share our video to spread the word or listen to our PODCASTS and share with friends. Indivisibles are collaborating with the Boston Red Cloaks to get this passed soon!

Please take a few moments to compose a letter to Committee Chairs: Rep. Claire Cronin, Room 136, and Sen. James Eldridge, Room 511-C, both at 24 Beacon St. Boston, MA  02133. You may use our sample letter, but please stress that you support the rights of young people to access abortion and you want this bill passed favorably out of committee ‘as it is written.’  Be sure to include your name, address, email information.

Please also take a few moments to compose letters to: Rep. Sarah Peake, Room 7, and Sen. Julian Cyr, Room 309, both at 24 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02133. Both support the ROE Act. Thank them for being champions for this important right, but ask them to please apply pressure on the Committee and the Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo, to get this bill passed ‘as it is written’ before the July 31 deadline!

If you would like to use our sample letter, click HERE.
If you are a constituent of other Representatives, please write to them! If you aren’t sure who they are, you can use this locator HERE. 


Activism To Go!

In response to the precautions our nation is taking because of the novel coronavirus, Indivisible Outer Cape is no longer holding Do Something Sundays at Provincetown Brewing Co., but we are not stopping our activism! 

We are offering two options:Activism to go (3)

Option #1: Indivisible Outer Cape is busy preparing Activism To Go packets. Packets will now be available to be picked up and dropped off at our new location at SALTY MARKET,  2 Highland Road in North Truro, on Sunday from 5-5:30 PM. One of our members will be there with a box for ‘finished’ packets that you are returning and a box of new packets for you to take.  You must use the given scripts and return your finished packets every week so please do not take more than you can finish! Cards have different mailing dates and we keep track of that so you don’t have to! We cannot use cards that do not follow the given scripts so please don’t make us waste your time!

We rely on everyone’s generosity to complete the many thousands of cards and letters we have written. So please also leave us a small cash donation to cover the expense of postage and supplies.

This is a contact-less process and masks are required. Please park your car and approach one at a time; do give space to the person ahead of you!  Then let our volunteer know your name and phone number and how many packets you are taking/returning. We  recommend packets be wrapped in paper with rubber bands and not returned in plastic bags. 

Option #2: Indivisible Outer Cape members will also deliver packets to you if you are unable to come out. We will do so on Sunday afternoons. We will need to know your name/address/phone number and a specific location like a mailbox or front step. If you have ‘finished’ packets to return to us, please leave out for us bundled in a rubber band. Small cash donations may also be left for us to help with the expense of postage and supplies. In order for us to provide you Activism To Go Delivery, please fill out this short form HERE.

SAFETY FIRST! Indivisible Outer Cape members are extremely conscious of the risk of these times and our members will be wearing protective masks and gloves and will stay at a safe distance. Please take the same precautions. It is our understanding that the virus lives for a short time on paper/cardboard so we will be keeping this in mind as we handle and package our materials and you should too. We will not be using zip-lock plastic bags for this reason. Allowing them to ‘rest’ for 24 hours before/after handling is also a good idea. And, of course, WASH HANDS FREQUENTLY!

support usps (1)

Donations Needed!

So far, we have completed more than 6000 postcards and 2000 letters to voters! We have plans to complete 4000 more postcards in May/June and need postcard stamps! You can order stamps online and ask that they be sent to PO Box 120, North Truro, MA 02652

Copy of IOC Vision

In January of 2020 the small Action Team of Indivisible Outer Cape met to discuss our strategy for the upcoming year. We knew that democracy was under attack, but could not have predicted all the dangerous twists and turns of this year. Now that we are 100 days away from the election, here is a brief update on our key states and suggestions for how you can still continue to make a difference!

Our first priority is to flip the Senate in order to neutralize the president and to be rid of Mitch McConnell’s power over progressive legislation. Unfortunately, even if McConnell is demoted from Majority Leader, his presence still threatens every progressive bill or oversight. He has vowed to use the filibuster to stop any initiative brought by a Democratic Congress or President. Even if forced to endure a Trump re-election, flipping the Senate could at least stall the president’s harmful agenda and open up the possibility of future impeachment.

When Senate Republicans refused to acquit the president for his high crimes and misdemeanors, Senate targets were confirmed. Combined with analysis of other factors,  we chose to focus on the four key states of CO, FL, GA, and ME, with KY, PA, MI, and WI also in play. All of our “Do Something Sundays!” and “Activism To Go!” activities have focused on getting out the vote in these states.

We are now on track for completing twenty thousand postcards and letters before the summer is out and many people are looking for more ways to participate.  This lengthy resource guide gives a brief update on our 2020 Vision Key States, as well as some info at home, and suggestions for ways individuals might become more involved!

You can read the entire Resource Guide HERE!

Please note: The Resource Guide is intended as a resource for individuals interested in volunteering or contributing to important races across the country. It is a compilation of widely available information put together for ease of use for our members or other interested individuals. We wish to promote our values of protecting our health, our world, and fighting for democracy and equality for all  so it is not intended as an endorsement of any campaign by Indivisible Outer Cape. We hope you find it useful.



To prepare for the upcoming election year battles, Indivisible groups in Massachusetts are leading the way! 

Indivisible MA, the umbrella organization for all groups in MA, formed in 2017 and is now re-organized into a new, improved structure to help us collaborate on state and national election issues for 2020. This grass-roots driven organizational structure was presented at our December conference and has since been shared across multiple platforms and incorporated comments and suggestions from members from across the state. They asked that anyone who considers themselves a part of this movement to “confirm” their membership so that they would be allowed a vote.

A quorum of sixty percent of Confirmed members was required to participate in the vote! This was surpassed and 97% of those members voted to approve the new Bylaws!

Starting February 13, 2020,  we are now a part of Indivisible Massachusetts Coalition, Inc. As of February 22, 2020, the confirmed members have also elected a Coordinating Board representative from every Congressional District of the the state. The new Coordinating Board will meet and begin work before March 1, 2020.
















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