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Gun Reform

NEW! We need you! Since our successful seven site Stand Out for Students on March 14, 2018, Indivisible Outer Cape and Lower Cape Indivisible are in talks about how we can collaborate to move forward with meaningful gun reform.  Initial meetings will be starting soon, so if you are interested in representing IOC and working on this important issue with our neighbors from Lower Cape, please email Laurie Veninger at and we can put you in touch!


Immigration Committee members

Chair: Alison Dwyer |

The mission of the Immigration Committee, a subgroup of Outer Cape Indivisible, is to be aware of both national and local legislation around immigration rights and respond to this legislation, to make local members of the community aware of legislation and inform them of their rights, providing direct support where needed and possible, and finally to monitor local elected officials and police as they respond to issues around immigration.

If this is something you want to participate in, contact Alison.

The Immigrant Rights subgroup offers a variety of resources on immigration concerns and laws. They meet on Thursdays and currently promote local, monthly, and FREE Immigration Counseling. This service is provided by immigration lawyer and Coordinator of the Immigration Resource Center, Collin Mickle. Mickle will be in Eastham at the Children’s Place the first Wednesday of every month to answer questions regarding immigration policies and rights. Call 508-771-1727 x 140 to make an appointment.

Immigration Resources:

Health Care & Immigration Status Rights

¿Cuáles Son Mis Derechos Si La Policía Me Para En Mi Carro?



Chair: C-Sue Mrazik |

Through keeping IOC members informed of legislative actions destroying equality under the law for LGBTQI communities, this subgroup plans to communicate actions members can take to resist!  Contact C-Sue if you want to participate or have information about actions related to LGBTQI rights.


If you have a great idea for a project that has to do with the environment, and you want to create a group to work on it, please contact the IOC subgroup liaison Maddie Veninger at maveninger@gmail.  

She can explain how you set up and help get you started.

Until we have some active members working in this area, the IOC subgroup liaison is working with several Outer Cape environmental initiatives to keep you updated and involved, including:

Outer Cape Solarize Plus (OCSP) Contact: David Mead-Fox |

Climate Mobilization Outer Cape (CMOC) Contact: David Mead-Fox |

Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative (5 C’s) Contacts: Sandy Bayne | and Moncrieff Cochran |

Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer (POCCA) Contact: Laura Kelley |

Outer Cape Energize Plus (OCEP) Contact Dee Morehouse,


International Women’s Day Rally, 2017

Chair: Laurie Veninger (Organizing Group member) |

Since many of the proposed cuts to our healthcare disproportionately target women, especially poor women, the Healthcare subgroup and the Women’s Issues subgroup have merged. This subgroup’s events in summer 2017 included canvassing and educating about the harmful permutations of Trumpcare. Since current budget proposals will still decimate our healthcare and Republicans are purposely sabotaging the ACA, there is still vital work to be done!  Please join us as we work on these issues!

Emotional Support

Chair: Gail Morrison

The Indivisible Outer Cape Emotional Support Collective offers resources, connections, and safe compassionate spaces designed to support, energize, empower and sustain all people who are concerned with issues of peace, justice, tolerance, truth, freedom of expression, and environmental preservation.

Voting and Elections

Chair: Laurie Veninger (Organizing Group member) |

Let’s Get Out the Vote! We will be looking to help progressive candidates here on the Cape as well as further afield. We are also planning a large voter registration drive in collaboration with LCI and other groups. Other topics to be discussed will include voter disenfranchisement and voter access.

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