Urgent Actions and Events

Urgent: Action Needed

We Need You to Write a Letter to the Joint Judiciary Committee this Week! See Below!


The ROE Act is now in the Joint Judiciary Committee and is going up for a public hearing on Monday, June 17, in the Gardiner Auditorium of the State House. We need as many people as possible to be present to support this important bill. We also need people to send their own testimony letters to the Joint Judiciary Committee before the hearing; a testimony letter shares your personal story with the committee and is included as evidence in the proceedings. If you are a healthcare provider with a special perspective on reproductive health or if you are a woman who has had an experience with abortion care that you are willing to share, please send a letter to the Committee.  Additionally, please make phone calls or send emails/postcards to the Committee members and to your State Senator and State Representative. Find their details here. You will find more information and templates and scripts here.

If you don’t know your State Legislators, find them here.

You can find the Join Judiciary Committee here.

The MA ROE Act (An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access) S1209/H3320, is designed to strengthen and protect safe and legal access to abortion in MA. As you know, currently, there is no abortion access for Cape Cod women and the Trump administration is intent on eroding this important right further for all women and denying important Title X funds for all reproductive health services. States across the country have recently passed laws to shame, pressure, punish, and criminalize those seeking abortion. Even here in MA, in a state known for high quality health care, abortion access is still unavailable to some and there are forces that would like to see the right to safe, legal abortion completely repealed. The ROE Act would expand access to people who now must travel across the country to receive medically necessary abortions after 24 weeks, would remove the onerous requirement that teens obtain parental permission, and, like the NASTY Women Act of 2018, would eliminate other medically unnecessary laws such 24 hour waiting periods or requirements that all abortions be performed in hospitals. These are important protections for women in MA in the event Roe v. Wade is repealed. You can read more about the ROE Act here.

How to Write a Testimony Letter to the Joint Judiciary Committee

When the legislature holds a public hearing, it is intended that they ‘hear’ from the ‘public’! If the public cannot be present or are too numerous to speak, the committee is obligated to read written testimony.

We need the public, you, me, other women and men, to step up to provide testimony about why the ROE Act is important to us, why access to safe, legal abortion is important to us. The extreme anti-abortion crowds are filling the Committee’s inbox as we speak with the lies and dis-information they have been fed by the religious right and Republican party.

Please share your personal story, whether or not you have had an abortion; share the story of someone close to you; what you have witnessed as a healthcare provider; or why you want this important reproductive right to be protected. This is not about ‘infanticide’ or irresponsible women, but protecting the reproductive rights of women so they can control their own lives and bodies.

These letters must arrive before the hearing on June 17, 2019.  Thus, as time is limited, letters should be sent via email, in the body of an email or attached, or both. Email addresses are below, formatted so you can easily copy and paste into an email address line. Here’s how to do it:

  • The email subject line should read “Written testimony for the record for the June 17, hearing on the ROE Act – S1209/H3320.”
  • Address your letter formally to “Dear Members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.”
  • The letter should begin with “Please submit this letter as written testimony regarding the ROE Act – S1209/H3320 for the record of your June 17 hearing.”  Then in your own words, tell your story. Try to keep your letters to one page.
  • The most effective letters of testimony include a personal narrative, a short story about you, or someone you know, relevant to the subject matter.  In this case, a personal story about abortion access, or your personal feelings about the right to access. You can use the research and information on CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com in your letter.
  • End your letter by asking committee members to vote this favorably out of committee, as soon as possible so that your legislators can vote on it.  And, thank the members for their consideration of your testimony.
  • After you’ve sent your letter, ask people in your community to do the same. Share this post with your email contacts and on social media.

If you wouldn’t mind, please your share your letters with Cape Cod Women for Change – blind copy or forward a copy to CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com so that they can track how many supporters are sending letters. We want to be able to say that Cape Codders are actively engaged in this issue.


Copy and paste into an email:

James.Eldridge@masenate.govSonia.Chang-Diaz@masenate.govClaire.Cronin@mahouse.govMichael.Day@mahouse.govWilliam.Brownsberger@masenate.govCynthia.Creem@masenate.goveric.lesser@masenate.govPatrick.OConnor@masenate.govColleen.Garry@mahouse.govJay.Livingstone@mahouse.govCarole.Fiola@mahouse.gov,  john.velis@mahouse.govChris.Hendricks@mahouse.govliz.miranda@mahouse.govSusannah.Whipps@mahouse.govSheila.Harrington@mahouse.govalyson.sullivan@mahouse.gov,

Copy and paste into Cc: (bills’ sponsors will help ensure testimony is added to record)  Jay.Livingstone@mahouse.govPatricia.Haddad@mahouse.govHarriette.Chandler@masenate.gov

If you prefer, here is the committee list with phone numbers:

(All email addresses firstname.secondname@masenate.gov or mahouse.gov)

Office of the Joint Committee on Judiciary:
Senate Contact: (617) 722-1120
House Contact: (617) 722-2396

Senate members:

House members:

Upcoming IOC Events

Please continue to check back! These will be updated regularly!


We are pleased to announce six fund raising parties to help Indivisible Kentucky to #DitchMitch2020. All monies raised will be heading to folks on the ground in Kentucky to build capacity and to spread the word that Mitch is bad for Kentucky – and bad for the country!

McConnell himself has bragged that he is the ‘grim reaper of progressive legislation’ and many hold him personally responsible for the degradation of our democracy. Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible, spoke recently about the serious danger McConnell poses to representative democracy. Even if we win all three branches of government in 2020, if McConnell is still there, he will block every progressive bill via filibuster (more on this to come).

We will not forget his blocking of Obama appointees to SCOTUS and “Our House” of Representatives has already passed more than 40 progressive bills which are now stalled because McConnell will not allow them to come for a vote. These bills are all teed up and ready for 2021, but we need to put Mitch out to pasture in order for them to passed!

So check out our schedule of parties and help us to #DitchMitch2020!

Indivisible Outer Cape, Lower Cape Indivisible, Martha’s Vineyard Indivisible, and Indivisible Nantucket have joined forces for a series of fun summer fundraisers. More details, rsvp and donation links to come! But mark your calendars now!

Brewster, June 27, 5-7PM

Eastham, July 10, 6-8PM

Truro, August 4, 11AM-1PM

Nantucket, August 14, 5-7PM

S. Yarmouth, August 25, 1-3PM

Martha’s Vineyard, September 21, 4-6PM

Alternatively, you can go to indivisibleky.org to just make a donation!

HELP NEEDED! If you would like to make a donation of food/beverages/paper goods or of your time to help these events be successful, please send an email to veninger@aol.com to let us know!



The Democratic primary debates will be held on the evenings of June 26 and June 27. Indivisible Outer Cape has joined with the Truro and Wellfleet Democratic Town Committees to host two debate watch parties. Light refreshments will be served and we will hold a mock election using Ranked Choice Voting just for fun!

You can rsvp to the Wellfleet Watch Party on June 26 at wellfleetdems@gmail.com for directions.

The Truro Watch Party on June 27 will be at the Council on Aging – Community Center at 7 Standish Way, N. Truro.

And let’s not forget the Indivisible Pledge which asks that we make the primary constructive, rally behind the winner, and do the work to defeat Trump. So far, 17 candidates and 36,000 voters have taken the pledge! You can do so here.

Other Summer Actions

Letters to voters

Indivisible Outer Cape is coordinating with Outer Cape libraries to hold non-partisan letter writing sessions throughout the summer to unregistered voters in other states. With the help of the Vote Forward organization, we can get the names and addresses of the unregistered and encourage them to get registered in time for elections!

At these letter writing sessions you will be provided with everything you need: scripts, addresses, envelopes! Donations to cover the costs of printing and postage will be greatly appreciated!

Letter writing will take place at the following:

Wellfleet Library: JUNE 17, 3:30-5 PM, JULY 29, 5-6:30 PM, AUGUST 19, 3:30-5 PM

Truro Library: TBA

Ptown Library: TBA

If you would like to volunteer to help during these sessions or to rsvp, please email laura.gazzano@yahoo.com

More information to come!

Farmers’ Markets

Last summer, Indivisible Outer Cape had a regular table at the Truro Farmers’ Market to help with voter registration. This year, we will table there again, but with information on the issues of healthcare and the climate. We have prepared hand out material and postcards to legislators for the public to complete.

We are also hoping to expand to other Cape farmers’ markets to reach more people. We will be tabling at the Bass River market in July and August. We think it will be very helpful to reach mid-Cape voters in order for them to contact their state representatives who oppose climate bills currently in the state legislature.

We need volunteers to sit at these tables and to hand out information! If you can help with this endeavor, please email laura.gazzano@yahoo.com















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